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Favorite Teacher in High School

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Favorite Teacher in High School
Posted Friday, March 15, 2013 02:35 AM

Mrs Bishop & Mrs Rawald, were always very nice... I am friends with Mrs Rawald, she is my "Bonus Mom", she lives near me and we will be bringing her out for the 50th Reunion.  She has another SGHS teacher friend that lives in Temecula and will come to the reunion with her.  Had some fun times in that cooking class with the guys that took it.... what a crack-up.  I think I took Art, so I could have Mr Mendoza... LOL  I remember Mrs Turnbull in gym class and Mrs Madden in Social Studies....


"Louie" Lu Patterson Clayton

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RE: Favorite Teacher in High School
Posted Friday, October 17, 2014 09:13 AM

Mrs Rawald was my favorite teacher in high school, with out a doubt!  She taught me how to sew, and it has been a lifelong enjoyment of mine.

if you read this, I can tell you that I've made everything from evening gowns to every household need, and all because you took away my fear of sewing. You were the kindest and most patient lady.

  I remember that you  and your husband lived on Annetta Ave, as we did, but you were on the next block, where I once visited you.

My fondest memory of your sewing class was my "most important" project ..........a yellow polka dot, two piece bathing suit,  NOT A BIKINI !!!   

 Mrs. Rawald,  please know that I've never forgotton you, and the guidance you gave to all of us. It's nice to know that you are happy and looking so well!

All the best........Freda Whyte Hogan w'63