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South Gate High School
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SGHS CLASSES OF 1963 & 1964

WILL COMBINE OUR 55th Class Reunions


Cost will be $20 for Friday Meet & Greet, and $100 for Saturday Reunion

Start planning and saving now!!!!  You won't want to miss this one!!!

More info to come, about food, DJ, Payment, and more....

Monteleone Meadows, Murrieta, CA


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Linda Rohrer (Long)
10/07/13 10:24 AM

  Louie, Our South Gate High School Class of 1963 Reunion on Saturday October 5th was just awesome. Thank you for the hundreds, no, it must be thousands of hours you spent over the months. You set the mood to make the best reunion ever! You are the 'Epitome of the South Gate High School Class of 1963'

A special thanks to all who worked so hard.

Warm Hugs and Wishes,
Linda (Rohrer) Long


Via email:
What an amazing reunion!!! A big, big, big thank you to Mike & Hennie (you two are the best hosts ever!), Lu for all the many hours you put into making this event such a success (you were the glue that kept this together), Monica for all your work on the website (you were truly missed), Marilynn for the computer work, etc. and wine tasting event (didn't go, but heard it was nice), Larry for organizing the golf, cars, banners, etc., and everyone else on the committee for their contribution  - I think we make a great team!  
Can't wait to see you all again!
Miss You All Already - :-( !

 Hi All...... Would/could not have happened without the perfect venue, provided by Hennie and Mike Monteleone!!!  OUR REUNION COMMITTEE ROCKS!!!!  THANK YOU ALL!
I have already put the photos from the Friday BBQ on Facebook and on the class website, under the topic "Old Pics and Event" then click on the album '50th Friday BBQ', there are about 33 photos in that album.
I will be working on photos and videos from the AMAZING SATURDAY NIGHT reunion and would love if you could burn a CD of your photos and mail them to me at:
Lu Patterson Clayton
818 W Upland Ave
San Pedro, CA  90731.... I plan to take time to crop, enhance and soften (LOL) the pics and burn a DVD of all pics and will sell it for my cost & shipping.... Info will come via the class website..... PLEASE USE THE WEBSITE..... It has my heart and soul in it!!!  You can make announcements there with your comments about our 50th reunion.... I just sent out a notice FROM the website, telling you how to do that.... please take time to say something there.  WE truly "Raised the bar" for any reunion!

Love you all!!!!    Lu "Louie Patterson" Clayton


Hi Everyone,
What a wonderful, wonderful,wonderful week-end, thanks to everyone's planning and hard work!  I just can't say enough about this reunion, certainly the best ever!!  Can't wait to see everyone again so we can "de-brief" about the week-end and starting deciding when we want to have the next informal gathering of classmates !!
Hope everyone had a safe trip home, plus a nap when you arrived home, as I certainly crashed when I got home.
Hugs to you all........


Ditto, ditto, ditto .... When I got home I told my family what a great success ... all the planning and hard work paid off because EVERYONE said this was by far the best reunion .... Thank you Mike and Hennie for your great contribution in making this all possible. You went beyond our expectations .... and we can't thank you enough. Marilynn.                                   

Michel Ann Piazza-Walters Can't remember when I have had a more enjoyable weekend and to have it with people I have remembered since high school and before makes it even more endearing.

Wow...............What a reunion!!   Mike and Hennie sure know how to put on a party.   Thank you to all the committee members for making Diane feel like she was part of our class. 


Lu I will send you a DVD with a couple of HD videos I took of everyone dancing.  I will include the pictures we took during the reunion. 

Patrick & Diane8-)



Linda Rohrer (Long)
10/07/13 12:51 PM

Mike and Hennie, The JOY you brought to all who attended our South Gate High School Class of 1963 Reunion on Saturday October 5th is unparalleled. The venue was absolutely beautiful, the cuisine was yummy, and the music & dancing was fun and funny! Your love, expertise and generosity made the South Gate High School Class of 1963 Reunion the best reunion ever,ever.

To all you wonderful South Gate High School Class of 1963 classmates you are just simply awesome!



  Louie, Our South Gate High School Class of 1963 Reunion on Saturday October 5th was just awesome. Thank you for the hundreds, no, it must have been thousands of hours you spent over the months. You set the mood to make this the best reunion ever, ever! You are the 'Epitome of the South Gate High School Class of 1963'

Thanks to all who helped make our 'South Gate High School Class of 1963 Reunion' the best!

Warm Hugs and Wishes
Linda (Rohrer) Long



  Judith Shaffer (Sedler)
10/07/13 03:27 PM


  Agree, it was the best ever and Mike and Hennie's place was perfect for our 50th! What fabulous hosts they were! Thank you also Linda for your donation of the case of wine!!
The door prizes were all great and I was happy to see so many of them and I thank everyone who donated!

Can't want to see when we are going to plan our next informal get-together for the classmates.

Judee Shaffer Sedler


Gail Espitallier (Raabe)
10/08/13 09:31 PM

  Can't stop myself from telling anyone who'll listen about what a fabulous 50th Reunion we had. I knew it would be great having it at such a beautiful venue, but it exceeded all my expectations. Mike and Hennie couldn't have been better hosts ( how lucky are we ) and Louie can't thank you enough for "ALL" that you did to make this come together. It was so much fun being apart of the committee. Wish I could have made it to more meetings. So much thought went into the details and that really showed at each event. It was a wonderful weekend connecting with long time friends (not "old" friends) and getting reacquainted with those from sooooo many years ago. And amazingly "We all look just the same." Can't wait five years - maybe a mini-reunion in two?


Suzi Stevenson (Johnston)
10/08/13 09:49 PM

  WOW! I can't thank everyone enough for making me feel so very welcome to the SGHS Class of '63 reunion! Moving to Sacramento in March of our Junior year in high school was so hard, but keeping in touch over the years with a number of classmates has been such a blessing. I truly felt like I graduated with you! Wish I could get down south more often, but it's just a little difficult. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone there..... time just seemed to fly by. Wouldn't it be great to have a Northern California reunion??? If you ever get to Northern California, Sacramento specifically, let me know..... I'd LOVE to see you again. And please don't forget that if I can help anyone get a dog or a puppy, I'm MORE than happy to help out. lol Woof!

Love, Suzi Stevenson Johnston


Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 08:29:11 -0700
LOUIE: Sorry I was not able to attend the reunion. I was in Key West for three weeks on a trip I planned over two years ago. It seems everyone had a grand time. I WILL attend the next event. Great job on the web site. I saw the comment from Mike about having another event in five years. Having worked for an insurance company, many of us may not be around. The highest rates of passing on are from 71 to 77 in the U.S.    Something to think about.  I took my father to his class reunion (San Diego High School, class of 1938) 75th and apparently there were only 17 class-mates left out of a class of 405. Good luck to us all............Bill Cornett


From:  Dixie Murray

John and I both had a WONDERFUL time at the reunion 10/5/2013. So many of you worked long and hard on it, and it was fabulous in every way. 

Thanks for all you did to make the 50th such a great event.

Thanks, Dixie Dugan Murray & John


Shirley Toburen Connole I had a great time wish it was this weekend all over again


Hi Lu:  John forwarded to me your email about photos of our fabulous SGHS Reunion.  I will burn a CD  tonight and take it to the P.O. tomorrow (10/10)  We both had such a good  time!   Even though I didn't know many people because I only went to SGHS for the 12th grade (my family moved in next door to John before the 12th grade and 'the rest is history, it was an awesome time!!!   I did know Gail Raabe pretty well because I drove us to college for a year.   Everyone was soooo friendly and fun, the grounds and lake with swans was beautiful and the food was good.   Thank you for all the work you put into the Reunion!    Dixie Murray


Title: RE: Did you have fun at our 50th Reunion?
Thread: Did you have fun at our 50th Reunion?
User: Terry Shea

Louie, Mike and Hennie and all the Reunion Committee - can't thank you enough for an excellent event.  You can be proud that all the planning, meetings, e-mails resulted in a weekend that will be remembered by all that we're able to attend.  Can't wait for the next one.  Terry

RE: Did you have fun at our 50th Reunion?
Posted Wednesday, October 9, 2013 10:56 AM from

The reunion is an event I will remember (hopefully) for years to come.  It could not have been better.  I had a fabulous time.  Mike Montelone and his wife went above and beyond when it came to hospitality and making everyone feel welcome to their fabulous venue.  It was wonderful to see old friends and chat with new ones.  A special thank you to Lu and the reunion team.  You did yourselves proud.  I am so thankful I attended and look forward to another one down the road.  In the meantime, my knees are recovering from dancing!  If anyone did not attend, please come to the next one - you will not be disappointed.   EVELYN RENTSCHLER SWINDELL W'63

Larry Fister - 50th reunion
Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2013 10:29 AM

It was such a great pleasure to see and spend time with old friends and class mates. The venue was tremendous and the hosts couldn't have made it any nicer. What great memories came back for all of us!


  Loretta Roark (Sparks)
10/21/13 03:38 PM


  The Committee (I was not involved) did a fabulous job to make our reunion the BEST EVER! Linda, I am saving the wine I won to share with Ted's sister and her fiancé, who are visiting from CA next week. The Starbucks card has been spent and enjoyed very much. Mike and Hennie provided a FIRST CLASS venue for our 50th. I loved seeing so many of our classmates.

I am very interested in helping on the 55th planning committee. I can arrange my CA visits to coincide as much as possible and do whatever I can to help.

Hugs to all,
Loretta Roark Sparks


Received via email:
Lu, This is really nice of you for putting this DVD together for everyone and everything that you have done for this reunion. I can't imagine the time and effort that you have given for your classmates. A BIG "thank you" to you.

Arnold & Marene Forget

Marv Ladd
10/28/13 05:52 PM

  Thx 4 all U did 4 all of us.It was above + beyond normal.Everyone seemed 2 have a great time.


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 11:42:09 -0700

Hi Louie:

I am writing for two reasons:

First to tell you what a great job you did and recognize the hundreds of hours you all dedicated to the Reunion. I am keenly aware of all the work that goes on behind the scenes having led special events myself.  Thanks for stepping-up. We were on the north coast at Bodega Bay with five other couples (very close friends) and it was our turn to host but my heart and brain kept wandering back to southern California during the weekend.

The second reason I am writing is to see how I can get any final publication you come up with that includes photos, etc

Thanks Again for your dedication.

Mike Garver

Via email from Ann Fulkerson Williams

You and your committee did such a great job. I've thought about our good time so often. I'll be sending you a check for the DVD . THANKS AGAIN. Ann

JANUARY 22, 2015 - Please participate in the survey sent out today.  Give us your thoughts/opinion on when you all want our next Reunion to be.

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