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Bill (William Philip) Mason

Bill was in the summer 1963 class. 

Deceased: 28 Nov 79, Riverside, California

That means he would have been 34 when he died and just one month before his 35th birthday.

Photo above and comment below, provided by Larry Mitchell:

Thought it would be nice to put the picture of Bill and I, under his profile, we were really close………….

He used to spot me on the high bar, and caught me many times flying through the air (kept me from landing on my head). Never worked out with anyone that could bench press as much as him. Lost touch with him after I got married, I still can’t believe he died.  ~ Larry Mitchell



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02/21/13 04:48 PM #1    

Larry Mitchell

More about my friend Bill, he had a really strong work ethic, I remember staying late, and doing more sets with him after most of the team left the gym, same thing with weight lifting.

After High School, we went to Trade Tech together. Bill didn't go out for the gym team. Bill was also a  very good at water skier, his dad would take us to marine stadium. Bill could make more turns then any of us around the stadium (and cutting back and forth the whole Time). And of course his dads boat was fast (corvette motor). Bills dad was a great mechanic, blow the engine in the boat at black meadows, his dad had it going in a few days so we could still water ski. Being around hands on people like this really taught me something.

Bill drove some pretty cool cars and motorcycles,(and fast). Remember the day Bill was on his Harley and Johnny Muldoon in his 58 Impala raced down the side street along the gym side. I'll never forget, I thought Johnny was going to run over Bill.................His front bumper was almost touching Bills back tire. I remember building the sissy bar for that Harley.

From what I'm told, Bill passed away in the late 70s,I never heard anything or details until later..............Wished he was here now to talk about those crazy times.



03/03/13 02:43 PM #2    

Lucretia "Louie" Patterson (Clayton)

What great memories Larry.  Thanks so much for sharing about Bill.  I really did not know him well, but obviously he passed way too young ....  R.I.P. Bill

03/04/13 04:14 PM #3    

Monica Paul (Wimmer)


Thank You so much for sharing the heartfelt memories.  It is so sad that he passed away so young. 

I remember seeing him at school, but did not get to really know him. 

You have some wonderful memories that you and he made. Hold on to those memories and Bill will stay close through them. 

03/04/13 08:51 PM #4    

Larry Mitchell

Monica / Louie,

Thank you two for the kind words...........I noticed you had posted on this so I logged on.

Over the years I never looked at this picture very close until today, notice how Bill is hardly straining, the veins are popping out all over me...........he had so much strength, made this look easy.

03/05/13 05:44 AM #5    

Ron And Jan Curtis/McClintock 64'

I did some checking and Bill was born in December of 1944 and passed away on November 28th 1979. That means he would have been 34 when he died and just one month before his 35th birthday. I knew Bill fairly well. His dad had an awsome 1957 Ranchero. R.I.P. William Mason.

02/19/16 11:27 AM #6    

Jerry Perez '66

Here is my Great Friend Bill Mason performing with style, a difficult Gymnastic move, a  "Maltese Iron " !

I believe Bill's calling in Life was to be a Gymnastic Coach, this is the World's lost, but Bill, you Soared with the Eagles ! Love Ya my Great Friend, no matter what ! :-)

I'm Jerry Perez, proud to say a South Gate High School Gymnast- Still Rings, Class of 1966, and good friend of Bill Mason.

Thank you Larry Mitchell for your photo, and warm thoughts about our mutual friend Bill Mason !

Bill was not a selfish skilled gymnastic athlete, after graduating, Bill would come back to our daily South Gate High School gymnastic workouts and help train us with Coach Jones !

I used to go over to Bill's house and pump iron, doing bench presses, incline, and decline presses too !

After pumping iron, we would barbecue our Porterhouse steaks rare for maxium protein benefit, a baked potato with real butter,  a salad with everything in it, and raw milk for vitamins, and minerals for training development !

At this time Bill drove a lowered 1958 Chevy Belair, Bill loved Jazz, we would go crusing listening to

"The In Crowd " etc. !  We also would go down to Belmont Shores, the Bay, or " Horny Corners " to check out the beautiful sexy girls, and  to workout on the Still Rings, that used to be there by the sail boat rentals, and the snack bar.

We all miss you Bill Mason, you made a difference in our lives !  Bill still lives in our memories of him, God Bless Bill Mason, his Family, South Gate High School, All of OUR Families, and The United States Of  America ! 

Jerry Perez - S. G. H. S. Class of 1966





02/20/16 01:17 PM #7    

Sharyn Eliot (Gailey)

Always thought Bill was such a good looking guy and what a build!  Didn't know him well, but do remember what a nice person he was.  Gone way to young!

02/20/16 10:12 PM #8    

Larry Mitchell

Jerry you're right, this was a very difficult gymnastic move. Not too many could do this, thanks for posting. Bill did like going to Belmont shores, I went there many times with him. 


02/21/16 10:09 AM #9    

Shirley Toburen (Connole)


Thank You so much for posting this about Bill always had a crush on him .. He was quiet but very personal when you really got to know him .. It's very sad .

Shirley Toburen 

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